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Why use Stride?

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The right plan for you.

We’ll compare thousands of health plans and recommend the ones that fit your specific needs, like which doctors you prefer and medications you take.


The lowest possible price.

If you qualify for tax credits, your insurance could cost much, much less. We'll you help you see if you qualify.


Easy, simple and fast.

Just answer a few questions, choose your plan, & get enrolled—right from your phone or computer, hassle free!

Stride is available nationwide

providing plans from over 200 carriers and hundreds of local insurance companies

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Getting my insurance was quicker and easier than ordering food online.
NAYOUNG, San Francisco

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll?
You can enroll in new coverage or switch plans any time of the year if you have a qualifying event. Otherwise, you'll need to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to buy or switch coverage.
Is Stride an insurance company?
Stride is not an insurance company. Stride searches plans from every major health insurance company to find the best plan for you. You won't find a better price anywhere!
Is Stride free?
Yes, using Stride is completely free! You only pay for your monthly health insurance payments.
Are there tax-credits to help pay for my health insurance?
Yes! Stride looks for all of the monthly savings for you and your family. You can quickly and easily see if you qualify for a premium tax credit using Stride.
Is my family eligible for insurance too?
Yes, you can sign up other family members in your household on your plan.
If i stop working, will i lose my plan?
Nope! Once you enroll through Stride (and as long as you make your monthly payments), you’ll keep your health care plan.